2009 IEEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control


Best Student Paper Award

22.05.2009. The following four finalists were selected by the review committee based on the paper’s originality, clarity and potential impact on practical applications to control. All four finalists will receive certificates and student registration:

1. Christoffer Sloth, the paper “A Robust LMI Based Control of Wind Turbines with Parametric Uncertainties” by Christoffer Sloth, Thomas Esbensen, Michael O.K. Niss, Jakob Stoustrup, and Peter F. Odgaard.

2. Bernd Schmidt, the paper “H-infinity-Suboptimal Tracking Control with Integral Action and Load Estimation Applied on a Boost-Converter/DC-Motor Combination” by Bernd Schmidt, Johann Reger.

3. Karla Kvaternik, the paper “A BTOF Observer Backstepping-based Output Feedback Law for Nonlinear Systems” by Karla Kvaternik, Alan F. Lynch.

4. Khalifa Al-Hosani, the paper “Multiphase Power Boost Converters with Sliding Mode” by Khalifa Al-Hosani , Vadim I. Utkin

The year’s best student paper will be selected upon further review of student’s presentations at the Conference.

To recognize excellence in a conference paper whose primary contributor(s) is a (are) Student Member(s) of the IEEE.

Award winner will receive:
- certificate laminated on a plaque and travel expenses to the MSC'09;
- round trip restricted (minimal) coach air fare;
- conference registration;
- three hotel nights.
Four finalists will be selected. All four finalists will receive certificates and student registration.

Award is funded by the IEEE Control Systems Society.

Primary contributor(s) of a paper, who was a (were) student(s) at the time of original submission.

Originality, clarity, and potential impact on practical applications of control.

At an MSC session or special event such as the Conference Banquet.

Send an electronic (PDF) copy of the nominated paper (approved by the MSC review committee) to the Chair of the MSC Best Student-Paper Committee for receipt by the announced deadline shown below. This submission must also include a letter from the student's professor (advisor), on university letterhead, certifying that primary contributor(s) to the paper was a (were) student(s) at the time of the paper's original submission. The professor's telephone, FAX and e-mail information, as well as the student(s) IEEE membership number(s), should be included.

Deadline for MSC Best Student Paper Award (BSPA) Nomination:15 April 2009
Notification of BSPA finalists: 15 May 2009

Chair: Dr. Lalit K. Mestha
Principal Scientist & Project Leader
Wilson Center for Research & Technology, MS128-56E
Xerox Corporation
800 Phillips Road Webster, NY 14580
Tel# 585 422 5123
Cell# 585 370 7113
Email addresses: Lalit.Mestha@xerox.com and/or