2009 IEEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control


Organizing Committee

General Chair:
     Alexander Fradkov
(IPME, Russia)

Vice-Chairs and Finance Co-Chairs:
     Ilya Kolmanovsky
(Ford Corp. USA),

     Boris Andrievsky
(IPME, Russia)

Publication Chair:
Alexander Pogromsky

(TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

Workshops Chair:
Warren Dixon

(U of Florida, USA)
Publicity Chair:
Elena Panteley

Industry Co-Chairs:
     Farshad Khorrami
(Brooklin Polytechnic, USA),

     Vladimir Nikiforov
(LOMO, Russia)
Financial Support Chair:
Anton Shiriaev

(Umeå University, Sweden)
Student Affairs Chair:
Sergey Shishkin

(United Technologies Research Center, USA)
Best Student Paper Award Chair:
Lalit Mestha

(Xerox Research Center)
of the 2009 MSC Excellence
Translational Control Research Award Chair:
Lalit Mestha

(Xerox Research Center, USA)
IEEE CSS Conference Editorial Board Chair:
Thomas Parisini

(Department of Electrics, Electronics & Computer Science University of Trieste)
IEEE CSS Paperplaza Chair:
Pradeep Misra

(Wright State University)
Registration Chair:
Natalia Dudarenko

(Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Russia)
Social Program Chair:
Vera Smirnova

(Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Russia)
Local Arrangements Chair:
Mikhail Ananyevskiy

(IPME, Russia)

P. Guzenko, L. Shapkina, V. Shiegin