2009 IEEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control



TRAVEL TIPS. Some tips for visitors (especially those visiting Saint Petersburg for the first time) may be useful.

1. Online Map of Saint Petersburg.

2. Yahoo! WEATHER FORECAST for Saint Petersburg.

3. CURRENCY exchange rates as of May, 20 are 1 US$ = 32 roubles, 1 Euro = 43.3 roubles. Exchange offices are located in the airports, in the majority of the hotels including Park Inn Pulkovskaya, Rossiya hotel and everywhere in the downtown. There is a bankomat in the arrival hall of the airport which gives cash roubles. It accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Eurocard and Cirrus/Maestro Cards.
Please take into account that the commission rate for using credit cards and traveller checks is rather high. Cash is a preferable way of payment in Russia.

4. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. The tram, bus or trolleybus fare is 18 roubles; tickets can be purchased inside the tram/bus/trolleybus.
- metro token costs 20 roubles and can be purchased at the metro stations;
- shuttle bus from Pulkovo-2 (LED) airport to the nearest metro station Moskovskaya: 25-30 roubles; travelling time is about 20 min by bus.
More details about city public transportation may be found here. The Saint Petersburg metro map may be useful for visitors.

5. PUBLIC PHONES. Public payphones accept metro tokens or payphone card. Payphone cards can be purchased in the arrival hall near the luggage lockers or at the metro stations.
Also there are the "Metro-service" telephones in the entrance vestibules and in the underground halls of the all metro stations. The "Metro-service" telephones accept coins and metro tokens.