International Conference PhysCon 2003
August 20-22, 2003, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
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Saint Petersburg - The Venice of the North
Conference venue - Imperial Anichkov Palace
300th anniversary of Saint Petersburg


Prof. A.Fradkov
The Institute for Problems of
Mechanical Engineering
61 Bolshoy ave. V.O.
199178, St.Petersburg,
Ph: +7(812)321-4766,
Fax: +7(812)321-4771

Final Program


Wednesday, August 20
9:30-11:20 Opening Ceremony. Plenary Session I
11:20-11:50 Coffee Break
11:50-13:20 Plenary Session I
13:20-15:00 Lunch
15:00-17:00 Regular Sessions WP1-WP6
17:00-17:20 Coffee
17:00-18:00 Poster Session
Thursday, August 21
9:00-11:00 Regular Sessions TA1-TA6
11:00-11:20 Coffee Break
11:20-13:20 Regular Sessions TM1-TM6
13:20-15:00 Lunch
15:00-16:20 Regular Sessions TP1/1 - TP6/1
16:20-16:40 Coffee Break
16:40-18:00 Regular Sessions TP1/2 - TP6/2
Friday, August 22
9:00-11:00 Regular Sessions FA1-FA6
11:00-11:20 Coffee Break
11:20-13:20 Regular Sessions FM1-FM6
13:20-14:45 Lunch
14:45-17:00 Plenary Session II
17:00-17:15 Break
17:15-17:45 Closing Ceremony
19:00-22:30 Conference Banquet

PLENARY TALKS (August, 20)

William OTT, James YORKE (USA)
Almost Every Measurement Method

K. PYRAGAS (Lithuania)
Time-Delayed Feedback Control Method and Unstable Controllers (Invited)

Herschel RABITZ (USA)
The Role of Theory in the Laboratory Control of Quantum Dynamics Phenomena

Agnessa KOVALEVA (Russia)
Synchronization, Stochastic Resonance and Periodic Control of Noise-Induced Jumps in Bistable Systems

PLENARY TALKS (August, 22)

Arik MELIKYAN (Russia)
Singular Characteristics in Nonlinear Control and Physics

Stanislaw SIENIUTYCZ (Poland)
Thermodynamics, Thermokinetics and Optimal Control

Alexander FRADKOV (Russia)
Cybernetical Physics: Blend of Physics and Control


Wednesday, August, 20, 15.00-17.00
Session WP1. Control and synchronization in chaotic systems (Invited)
Organizers: S. Boccaletti (Italy), J. Kurths (Germany)
Co-chairs: S. Boccaletti (Italy), J. Kurths (Germany)

Noise-Enhanced Phase Synchronization of Weakly Coupled Chaotic Oscillators
J. Kurths, C.S. Zhou (Germany)

Experimental Characterization of the Transition to Phase Synchronization of Chaos
S. Boccaletti, E. Allaria, R. Meucci, and F. T. Arecchi (Italy)

Phase Synchronization in Ensemles of Coupled Phase Systems
V.N. Belykh (Russia)

Controlled Phase Synchronization in Oscillatory Networks
V.N. Belykh, G.V. Osipov (Russia), J. Kurths (Germany)

Chaos Control of Nonlinear Current Oscillations in Semiconductor Heterostructures
E. Schoell, A. Amann, W. Just, J. Schlesner, J. Unkelbach (Germany)

Using Nonisochronicity to Control Phase Synchronization in Ensembles of Nonidentical Oscillators
B. Blasius (Germany)

Wednesday, August, 20, 15.00-17.00
Session WP2. Geometric and Optimal Control Methods for Quantum Dynamical Systems (Invited)
Organizers: C. Altafini (Italy), U. Boscain (France)
Co-chairs: C. Altafini (Italy), N. Khaneja (USA)

Controllability of Open Quantum Systems: the Two Level Case
C. Altafini (Italy)

Design of Laser Pulses for STIRAP Processes with Geometric Control Techniques
U. Boscain (France), G. Charlot (Italy)

Controllability and Diameter of Single-Input Quantum Systems
A. Agrachev (Italy), T. Chambrion (France)

Resonance in n-level Quantum Systems
U. Boscain (France), G. Charlot (Italy)

The Dynamical Inverse Problem for a Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation Using Boundary Control
M. Tomas-Rodriguez, S.P. Banks (UK)

Optimal Control of Coupled Spins in the Presence of Longitudinal and Transverse Relaxation
D. Stefanatos, N. Khaneja (USA), S.J. Glaser (Germany)

Wednesday, August, 20, 15.00-17.00
Session WP3. Nonlinear Control - I
Co-chairs: N.V. Balashevich (Belarus), P.V. Pakshin (Russia)

Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems by Derivative Control
I.E. Zuber (Russia)

Synthesis of Optimal Feedback for Nonlinear Control Systems
N.V. Balashevich (Belarus)

Reducibility and Reduction of Discrete-Time Nonlinear Control Systems: Comparison of Two Approaches
U. Kotta (Estonia), E. Pawluszewicz (Poland), S. Nomm (Estonia)

LMI Technique for Stabilization of a Linear Plant by a Pulse-Modulated Signal
A.N. Churilov, A.V. Gessen (Russia)

Robust Stabilizing Control of Discrete-Time Jumping System via Static Output Feedback
P.V. Pakshin, D.M. Retinsky, A.V. Ryabov (Russia)

Generalized Flat-Algorithm for Solving Two Points Control Problem
A.M. Kovalev (Ukraine)

Wednesday, August, 20, 15.00-17.00
Session WP4. Stability and Control Problems in Mechanics - I (Invited)
Organizers: A.P. Seyranyan (Russia), O.N. Kirillov (Russia)
Co-chairs: S.A. Agafonov (Russia), A.P. Seyranian (Russia)

Theory of Parametric Resonance: Modern Results (Invited)
A.P. Seyranian (Russia)

To the Stability of Non-Conservative Systems in One Degenerate Case
S.A. Agafonov (Russia)

Ultralow Parasitic Eigenvalues for Oscillation Problem of a Guided Elastic Flying Vehicle that Contains Integrating Section in a Feedback Loop
S.V. Arinchev (Russia)

Nonconservative Stability Problems for Axially Compressed Rectangular Plate
M.V. Belubekyan, V.M. Belubekyan (Armenia)

Nonconservative Oscillations of a Tool for Deep Hole Honing
A.M. Gouskov, S.A. Voronov (Russia), E.A. Butcher, S.C. Sinha (USA)

Wednesday, August, 20, 15.00-17.00
Session WP5. Beam Dynamics: Modelling, Control and Optimization - I (Invited)
Organizers: M. Berz (USA), D.A. Ovsyannikov (Russia)
Co-chairs: M. Berz (USA), D.A. Ovsyannikov (Russia)

Control of Momentum-Compaction Factor in Synchrotron with "Resonant" Lattice (Invited)
Yu. Senichev (Germany)

Control of Space Charge Redistribution to Correct Aberrations in Charged Particle Beams
Yu.V. Zuev (Russia)

Actual Problems of Beam Physics Computing
S.N. Andrianov (Russia)

Optimization and Beam Control in Large-Emittance Accelerators: Neutrino Factories
C.J. Johnstone, M. Berz, D. Errede, K. Makino (USA)

Mathematical Control Model for Beam Dynamics Optimization
D.A. Ovsyannikov, A.D. Ovsyannikov (Russia)

Wednesday, August, 20, 15.00-17.00
Session WP6. Aerospace Applications
Co-chairs: E. Jonckheere (USA), A.V. Nebylov (Russia)

Tracking Trojan Asteroids in Periodic and Quasi-Periodic Orbits around the Jupiter Lagrange Points Using LDV Techniques
F. Ariaei, E. Jonckheere, S. Bohacek (USA)

Controlled WIG Flight - Stability and Effciency Problems
A.V. Nebylov (Russia)

Reliable H2 Static Output-Feedback Tracking Control Against Aircraft Wing/Control Surface Impairment
F. Liao, J.L. Wang, G.-H. Yang (Singapore)

Some Peculiarities of Operative "Okean-O" Control
V.A. Udaloy, N.M. Ivanov, N.L. Sokolov, V.U. Pazdnikov (Russia)

An H-infinity Technology for the Detection and Damping of Divergent Oscillation in Updatable Inertial Systems
A.V. Chernodarov, V.N. Kovregin (Russia)

Strongly Nonlinear Dynamics of a Gyrostat Respinup by Weak Control
Ye.I. Somov, G.P. Titov, S.A. Butyrin, V.A. Rayevsky, A.G. Kozlov (Russia)

Wednesday, August, 20, 17.30-18.30
Poster Session.
Moderator: B.R. Andrievsky (Russia)

Kinematic and Geometric Description of the Solid Motion in the Gravity Field
V. Adamyan, G. Zayimtsyan, L. Manandyan (Armenia)

Kinematic Technique of Ideal Gas Thermodynamic Surface Forming
V. Adamyan, G. Zayimtsyan, V. Adamyan (Armenia)

On the Stability and Vibrational Stabilization of a Class of Nonlinear Systems
A.Yu. Aleksandrov, A.V. Platonov (Russia)

Resonance and Speed-Gradient Design of Control Algorithms for Dissociation of Diatomic Molecule Ensembles
M. Ananjevsky, A. Efimov, A. Fradkov, A. Krivtsov (Russia)

Phase Relations in the Synchronized Motion of Two-Pendulum System
B.R. Andrievsky (Russia)

Coherent Control of Vibrational-Rotational Transitions in Diatomic Molecule under the Action of Bichromatic Laser Field
V.A. Astapenko (Russia)

Modeling of Excited States of a Crystal Basing on the Frequency-Phase Synchronization of Vibrations of Crystal Site Lattice
L.A. Bityutskaya, S.G. Zhitskey (Russia)

Root Estimator of States
Yu.I. Bogdanov (Russia)

Modeling and Identification of the Structure Defects in Dielectric Diodes
V.M. Bogomol'nyi (Russia)

Scale Splitting Control for an Atom Wave Packet Coherent Scattering in Modulated Standing Wave
S.V. Borisenok, Yu.V. Rozhdestvensky, G.G. Udov (Russia)

Speed-Gradient Control of Cooled Atom Dynamics in Potential of Standing Wave
S.V. Borisenok, Yu.V. Rozhdestvensky, A.L. Fradkov, B.R. Andrievsky, B.G. Matisov (Russia)

Multiscale Stochastic Dynamics in Finance
E. Capobianco (The Netherlands)

An Electromagnetic Model for Charged Particle with Spin
A.A. Chernitskii (Russia)

On Detection of Belonging of Two Points to One Trajectory
A.V. Demin (Russia)

New Mechanism of Oscillations and Chaos in the Ecosystem with Intensive Exploitation
E.Ya. Frisman, E.V. Sycheva (Russia)

Oscillations of Natural Population's Number Caused by External Control
E.Ya. Frisman, E.V. Sycheva, E.V. Last (Russia)

Problems of Regular Behaviour and Deterministic Chaos in Mathematical Models of Mendelian Limited Populations
E.Ya. Frisman, E.A. Kolbina, O.L. Zhdanova (Russia)

Global Bifurcations and Chaos in Polynomial Dynamical Systems
V.A. Gaiko (Belarus)

Mathematical Modeling and Control of the Refraction Index of Optical Lightguide at Fabrication Stage
A.I. Gavrilov, E.V. Hairjuzova, T.L. Shapochnicova, I.A. Gavrilov (Russia)

Design and Analysis of Robust Controllers
V.I. George, C.P. Kurian (India)

Chaotic Maps Generating White Noise
A.F. Goloubentsev, V.M. Anikin, Y.A. Barulina (Russia)

On Some Characteristics of Computers of New Generation
O.N. Granitchine, S.S. Sysoev (Russia)

Control of Spatial Structures in a Semiconductor-Gas Discharge System with a Semi-Insulating GaAs Cathode
E.L. Gurevich (Russia/Germany), Yu.A. Astrov (Russia), H.-G. Purwins (Germany)

Adaptive PID Controller for Nonlinear Systems with H? Tracking Performance
H.F. Ho, Y.K. Wong, A.B. Rad (China)

Chaos in Germanium Oscillistor
Kh.O. Ibragimov, K.M. Aliev, I.K. Kamilov, N.S. Abakarova (Russia)

Non-linear Dynamical Behavior in a Railway Bogie Model
V.G. Inozemtsev, T.A. Tibilov (Russia)

Estimation of Transport Times for Chaotic Dynamical Control Systems
S.M. Khryashchev (Russia)

Construction Principles and Control over Transport Systems Organization in Biological Tissues
N.N. Kizilova (Ukraine)

Identification of the Level of Management Based on Power Law Scaling
E.V. Kleparskaya (Russia)

Influence of the Harmonic Disturbance on Control Motions of a Mechanical System
G. Kostin (Russia)

Control Discrete Systems and Their Applications to Beam Dynamics Optimization
E.D. Kotina (Russia)

Physical Control and Monitoring in Modern Medicine
V.K. Koumykov (Russia)

Kolmogorov Complexity: How a Paradigm Motivated by Foundations of Physics Can Be Applied to Robust Control
V. Kreinovich, I.A. Kunin (USA)

Identification of Non-Measurable Parameters of Ferroelectrics by Optimization Method
S.A. Kukushkin, A.V. Osipov, P.Yu. Guzenko, V.V. Spirin (Russia)

Integration of Simulation Methods in Control System for EB Processing
V.T. Lazurik, V.M. Lazurik, G.F. Popov, Yu.V. Rogov (Ukraine)

Modeling and Controlling the Heart Conductive System
A. Loskutov, S. Rybalko, E. Zhuchkova (Russia)

Uncontrollability Set for Multi-Input Dynamical Systems Depending on Parameters
A.A. Mailybaev (Russia)

Modeling of Negative Resistance for Resistive Transducers Linearisation
Kh. Mamikonyan (Armenia)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Stochastic Dynamics Methods in Identification of Fractal Structures in Hydrated Layers of Porous Crystals
A. Mamykin, M. Knyazev, N. Tabolina (Russia)

Stability of the Discrete Population Model with Two Delays
R.M. Nigmatulin, M.M. Kipnis (Russia)

Fokker-Planck Equation for Charged Particle Beams
Z. Parsa, V. Zadorozhny, V. Yavorskij, S. Rudenko (Ukraine)

Complex Systems Control Taking into Account the Internal Homogenious Structures
V.N. Pilishkin (Russia), I. Tollet (Finland)

Mechanism of Impulse Flows Synchronization in Neuronal Network of Visual System
N.P. Podvigin, T.V. Bagaeva, J.M. Markova, D.N. Podvigina (Russia), E. Poeppel (Germany)

Simulation Models to Obtain X-Ray Spectra Using the Compton Scattering Technique
J. Rodenas, S. Gallardo, M.C. Burgos (Spain)

Oscillatory self-organization processes at enantiotropic transformations of iron sulfate based deposits
N. Sergeeva, V. Korsakov, Y. Nakanishi, S. Mjakin, V. Gnatyuk (Japan/Russia)

Nonlinear Modeling and Predictive Control of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells Stack
Shen Cheng, Yu Li-Yun, Cao Guang-Yi (China)

Frequency-Domain Conditions for Cycle-Slipping in Discrete Systems with Periodic Nonlinearity
V.B. Smirnova, N.V. Utina, A.I. Shepeljavyi (Russia)

Comparative Study of Interference Elimination in Heavy Metals Control by Anodic Stripping Voltammetry (ASV) Method
E.A. Sosnin, V.N. Batalova, E.Yu.Buyanova, V.F. Tarasenko (Russia)

Parametrically Induced Stochastic Synchronization
O.V. Sosnovtseva, V.V. Astakhov, A.V. Shabunin, P.A. Stalmakhov (Russia)

Stability of the Delay Logistic Equation of Population Dynamics
M.Yu. Vagina (Russia)

On Two Classes of Partial Stability Problems
V.I. Vorotnikov (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 9.00-11.00
Session TA1. Control of chaos by periodic perturbations (Invited)
Organizers: A. Loskutov (Russia)
Co-chairs: A. Loskutov (Russia),

Mechanisms of Non-Feedback Controlling Chaos and Suppression of Chaotic Motion (Invited)
A. Loskutov, S. Rybalko (Russia)

A Novel Polynomial Method for Taming Chaos in a Wide Class of Nonlinear Oscillators
V.M. Preciado, R. Chacon (Spain)

Multistability in a Driven Nonlinear System Controlled by Weak Subharmonic Perturbations
V.N. Chizhevsky (Italy/Belarus), R. Corbalan (Spain)

Homoclinical Chaos Suppression
A. Loskutov, A. Janoev (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 9.00-11.00
Session TA2. Experimental Control of Molecular Systems (Invited)
Organizers: H. Rabitz (USA), A.L. Fradkov (Russia)
Co-chairs: A.L. Fradkov (Russia), H. Rabitz (USA)

Optimal Control of Molecular Femtochemistry (Invited)
G. Gerber (Germany)

Combinatorial Photonics, Controlling Chemistry with Tailored Strong Field Laser Pulses (Invited)
R.J. Levis (USA)

Open and Closed Loop Control of Complex Molecules with Shaped fs Pulses (Invited)
M. Motzkus (Germany)

Thursday, August, 21, 9.00-11.00
Session TA3. Nonlinear Control - II
Co-chairs: G.M. Dimirovski (Turkey), A.P. Krishchenko (Russia)

Numerical Algorithms for Nonlinear Observer-Based Control
S.B. Tkachev, S.G. Alexeenkov (Russia)

On Uncontrollable Non-Linear Dynamic Systems: Analytic Solutions for Integral Manifolds
J.D. Stefanovski (Macedonia), G.M. Dimirovski (Turkey)

Design Procedure of Minimum Phase Affine Systems
A.P. Krishchenko (Russia)

Control of Delayed Measured Systems and Impulse Length Limitations in Difference Control
J.C. Claussen (Germany)

Model Order Reduction and Parametrization of Nonlinear Numerical Models
H. Muller, S. Gotz, M. Bestehorn (Germany)

A Method of Constructing Programmed Motion for Nonlinear and Nonstationary Systems by Indirect Controller
A.N. Kwitko (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 9.00-11.00
Session TA4. Stability and Control Problems in Mechanics - II (Invited)
Organizers: A.P. Seyranyan (Russia), O.N. Kirillov (Russia)
Co-chairs: O.N. Kirillov (Russia), C. Pommer (Denmark)

How Do Small Velocity-Dependent Forces (De)Stabilize a Non-Conservative System?
O.N. Kirillov (Russia)

Metelitsyn's Inequality and Stability Criteria for Mechanical Systems
A. Seyranian (Russia), W. Kliem (Denmark)

Potential weakly damped autonomous systems exhibiting periodic attractors
A.N. Kounadis (Greece)

Stability and Response Bounds of Non-Conservative Linear Systems
C. Pommer (Denmark)

On Equations with Partial Derivatives Which Correspond to Invariant Manifolds of Mechanical Systems
V.D. Irtegov (Russia)

Stability of Free Elastic Structures at Nonconservative Loading
A. Sharanyuk (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 9.00-11.00
Session TA5 Beam Dynamics: Modelling, Control and Optimization - II (Invited)
Organizers: M. Berz (USA), D.A. Ovsyannikov (Russia)
Co-chairs: K. Makino (USA), D.A. Ovsyannikov (Russia)

Validation of Transfer Maps Using Taylor Models (Invited)
M. Berz, K. Makino (USA)

Nonlinear Transfer Map Treatment of Beams through Systems with Absorbing Material
K. Makino, M. Berz, D. Errede, C. Johnstone (USA)

Control and Optimization in Safe Nuclear Energetics Problem
Yu.A. Svistunov, M.F. Vorogushin (Russia)

Braking Radiation in Problem of Identification and Management of Radioactive Waste
N.P. Dikiy, A.N. Dovbnya, V.L. Uvarov (Ukraine)

Control Theory to Accelerator Research and Self-Focused Bunched Beam
Z. Parsa (USA), V. Zadorozhny, A. Rudenko (Ukraine)

Thursday, August, 21, 9.00-11.00
Session TA6. Mechanical Engineering Applications - I
Co-chairs: V.Yu. Rutkovsky (Russia), D. Marinova (Bulgaria)

Elasticity of the Long-Length Shafts of Rotation Transmission Mechanical Systems as a Source of Information in the Tasks of Control and Preventing of Extreme Emergency
V.Yu. Rutkovsky, V.M. Sukhanov (Russia)

Adaptive Approach to Monitoring of Gas-Turbine's Transmission Shafts
S.D. Zemlyakov, V.M. Glumov (Russia)

Electromagnetic Suspension of Vertical Turbomachine for Nuclear Power Plant
F.M. Mitenkov, N.G. Kodochigov, V.V. Drumov, S.E. Belov, V.S. Vostokov, I.V. Drumov, O.B. Klochkov, A.V. Khodykin (Russia)

Nonlinear Dynamics and Control of a Wind-Milling Gyroplane Rotor
Ye.I. Somov, O.Ye. Polyntsev (Russia)

Robust H2 Vibration Control of Beams with Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators
G. Foutsitzi (Greece), D. Marinova (Bulgaria), E. Hadjigeorgiou (Greece), G. Stavroulakis (Germany)

An Improved Tactile Matrix Microsensor Package
V.D. Todorova, M.T. Mladenov (Bulgaria)

Thursday, August, 21, 11.20-13.20
Session TM1. Anti-control of Chaos: Theories, Methods, and Applications (Invited)
Organizer: G. Chen (China)
Co-chairs: C.P. Li (China), O. Morgul (Turkey)

On the Modified Marotto Theorem
C.P. Li (China)

Switching Control for Multi-Scroll Chaos Generation: An Overview
J.-H. Lu (China), X. Yu (Australia), G. Chen (China)

Fuzzy Chaos Generators for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Z. Li (Germany)

Sustained Chaos and Control by Means of Weak Periodic Excitations: Application to a Class of Nonlinear Electronic Circuits
V.M. Preciado, R. Chacon (Spain), V. Tereshko (UK)

Model Based Anticontrol of Chaos
O. Morgul (Turkey)

Difference Scheme with Instant Transition "from Order to Chaos"
A.F. Goloubentsev, V.M. Anikin, Y.A. Barulina (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 11.20-13.20
Session TM2. Quantum Measurement, Filtering and Quantum Feedback Control (Invited)
Organizer: V. Belavkin (UK)
Co-chairs: V. Belavkin (UK), Y.S. Kim (USA)

Quantum Filtering and Optimal Feedback Control (Invited)
V. Belavkin (UK)

On the Duality of Quantum Filtering and Optimal Feedback Control in Quantum Open Linear Dynamical Dystems
S.C. Edwards, V.P. Belavkin (UK)

Multi-Agent Stochastic Control: Models Inspired from Quantum Physics
J.S. Baras (USA)

The Scientific Language Spoken by Optical Instruments
Y.S. Kim (USA)

Thursday, August, 21, 11.20-13.20
Session TM3. Stability and Control Problems in Mechanics - III (Invited)
Organizers: A.P. Seyranyan (Russia), O.N. Kirillov (Russia)
Co-chairs: Y. Sugiyama (Japan), M.I. Garcia-Planas (Spain)

Dynamic Stability of Free-Free Beam Subjected to End Rocket Thrust and Carrying a Heavy Payload at Its Nose
T. Ohshima, Y. Sugiyama (Japan)

Influence of Force Structure on the Stability
V.A. Goncharenko, V.I. Goncharenko (Ukraine)

Computational Approach to Damped Beck's Column
Y. Sugiyama, S.-U. Ryu, M. Hamatani, T. Iwama (Japan)

Optimal Excitation of Oscillations by a Limited Control Force
A.O. Belyakov (Russia)

Regularizing Generalized Linear Systems by Means of Derivative Feedback
M.I. Garcia-Planas (Spain)

Thursday, August, 21, 11.20-13.20
Session TM4. Control of oscillations
Co-chairs: I.V. Miroshnik (Russia), K.E. Starkov (Mexico)

Spatial Problems of Nonlinear Dynamics: Motivation and Analysis
I.V. Miroshnik, E. Olkhovskaya (Russia)

Elements of Physical Oscillation and Control Theory
S.L. Chechurin, L.S. Chechurin (Russia)

Localization/Nonexistence Condition of Periodic Orbits of Polynomial Systems and Its Applications
K.E. Starkov (Mexico)

Drift Bifurcation of Dissipative Solitons: Destabilisation due to a Change of Shape
S.V. Gurevich, H.U. B?deker, A.S. Moskalenko, A.W. Liehr, H.-G. Purwins (Germany)

Phase Multistability of Self-Modulated Oscillations
A.M. Nekrasov (Russia), O.V. Sosnovtseva (Russia/Denmark)

Thursday, August, 21, 11.20-13.20
Session TM5. Mechanical Engineering Applications - II
Co-chairs: B. Behar (France), P.A. Velmisov (Russia)

Model of Optoelectronic Measuring Intelligent System
I.V. Denisov, Yu.N. Kulchin, O.V. Kirichenko, V.A. Sedov, R.S. Drozdov, E.V. Denisova (Russia)

Nonlinear PI Control of Eccentricity Compensation Problem
B. Behar, F. Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue, T. Ahmed-Ali (France)

On a Robust Control of Parabolic Obstacle Problem
M. Blizorukova, V. Maksimov (Russia)

Stability of Viscoelastic Elements of Constructions under Hydrodynamic Action
P.A. Velmisov, Yu.A. Reshetnikov, A.A. Molgachev (Russia)

Spinning Mass as an Information Sensor for Astrophysics Research
B.Yu. Bogdanovich, I.S. Shchedrin, N.V. Egorov, V.N. Smirnov (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 11.20-13.20
Session TM6. Plasma Modeling and Control in Tokamaks (Invited)
Organizers: V.A. Belyakov (Russia), D.A. Ovsyannikov (Russia)
Co-chairs: V.A. Belyakov (Russia), D.A. Ovsyannikov (Russia)

Improving Plasma Stabilization System in ITER by Excluding Non-Efficient Poloidal Coils
D.A. Ovsyannikov, A.D. Ovsyannikov, A.P. Zhabko, E.I. Veremey, B.A. Misenov, V.A. Belyakov, A.A. Kavin (Russia)

Derivation of the Linear Models for the Analysis of the Plasma Current, Position and Shape Control System in Tokamak Devices
V.A. Belyakov, A.A. Kavin (Russia)

Analysis of Initial Stage of Plasma Discharge in Tokamaks: Mathematical Model Formulation, Simulation Results, Comparison with Experiments
V.A. Belyakov, V.I. Vasiliev, K.M. Lobanov, L.P. Makarova, A.B. Mineev (Russia)

Design of Non-Static Controllers for Plasma Stabilization
E.I. Veremey, M.V. Korovkin (Russia)

Absolute Minimum of Mean-Square Functional in Plasma Optimal Stabilization
S.V. Pogojev (Russia)

Robust Stability of the Linear Time-Delay Systems with Indefinite Delay
A.P. Zhabko, D.V. Zaretsky (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 15.00-16.20
Session TP1/1. Control of Chaos - I
Co-chairs: A.S. Dmitriev (Russia), K. Pyragas (Lithuania)

Chaotification via Feedback Control: Theories, Methods, and Applications (Invited)
G. Chen (China)

Thursday, August, 21, 16.40-18.00
Session TP1/2. Control of Chaos - Applications
Co-chairs: A.S. Dmitriev (Russia), K. Pyragas (Lithuania)

Principles of Direct Chaotic Communications (Invited)
A.S. Dmitriev, A.I. Panas, K.V. Zakharchenko (Russia)

Non-Linear Processes and Control of Chaos in Chemical Technology (Invited)
E.M. Koltsova, M.V. Cherenkov, E.Yu. Korchagin (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 15.00-16.20
Session TP2/1. Theory of Molecular and Quantum Control-I (Invited)
Organizers: A. Fradkov (Russia), S. Lloyd (USA), H. Rabitz (USA)
Co-chairs: J.W. Clark (USA), R.L. Kosut (USA)

Dynamical Control of Decay and Decoherence in Complex Quantum Systems (Invited)
G. Kurizki, A.G. Kofman (Israel), T. Arecchi, G. Mantica (Italy)

Adaptive Control of Quantum Computing Systems (Invited)
R.L. Kosut, H. Rabitz (USA)

Thursday, August, 21, 16.40-18.00
Session TP2/2. Theory of Molecular and Quantum Control-II (Invited)
Organizers: A. Fradkov (Russia), S. Lloyd (USA), H. Rabitz (USA)
Co-chairs: J.W. Clark (USA), R.L. Kosut (USA)

Geometric Quantum Control (Invited)
J.W. Clark, T.J. Tarn, D.J. Lucarelli (USA)

Universal Single-Qubit Quantum Interfaces: Quantum Controllers and Quantum Observers in One
S. Lloyd, A. Landahl, J.-J.E. Slotine (USA)

Short-time isotope separation by quantum control of intramolecular dynamics of polyatomic molecules. NO2 nonadiabatic electronic dynamics
O.M. Sarkisov, S.Ya. Umanskii, A.S. Vetchinkin, Yu.A. Zotov (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 15.00-16.20
Session TP3/1. Nonsmooth Dynamics - I
Co-chairs: J. Awrejcewicz (Poland), Yu.V. Kolokolov (Russia)

Modeling and Simulation of Non-Smooth Mechanical Systems (Invited)
J. Awrejcewicz, G. Kudra, P. Olejnik (Poland)

Complexity and Chaos in Piecewise-Smooth Dynamical Systems
Zh.T. Zhusubaliyev, E.A. Soukhoterin (Russia), E. Mosekilde (Denmark)

Dynamics of Current Regulator with Hysteresis Control and Clocked Commutation in Application to Power Electronic Systems
Yu.V. Kolokolov, S.L. Koschinsky (Russia), C. Hatziadoniu, G. Galanos (USA)

Thursday, August, 21, 16.40-18.00
Session TP3/2. Nonsmooth Dynamics - II
Co-chairs: J. Awrejcewicz (Poland), Yu.V. Kolokolov (Russia)

Impacting Oscillators - the Sensitivity of Motion to External Disturbances
K. Czolczynski (Poland)

A Generalized Maxwell-Slip Friction Model Appropriate for Control Purposes
V. Lampaert, F. Al-Bender, J. Swevers (Belgium)

An Identification of Pulse System Dynamics on the Basis of Fractal Regularity Use
Yu.V. Kolokolov, A.V. Monovskaya (Russia), K.H. Adjallah (France)

Modelling Physical Hysteresis and Control of a Fine Piezo-Drive
Ye.I. Somov (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 15.00-16.20
Session TP4/1. Chaotic dynamics-I
Co-chairs: T. Kapitaniak (Poland), A. Pogromsky (The Netherlands)

"Strange Nonchaotic Attractor" in 3D Autonomous Differential System
M.V. Loginova, V.S. Anishchenko (Russia)

Applications of a New Ultimate Bound on the Trajectories of the Lorenz System to Synchronization and Estimation of the Hausdorff Dimension
A. Pogromsky (The Netherlands), G. Santoboni (Italy), H. Nijmeijer (The Netherlands)

Numerical Estimates of Local and Global Motions of the Lorenz Attractor
B.G. Kukharenko (Russia)

The Determined Chaos in Disturbed by Temperature Dynamic Systems with Gyros
V.E. Dzhashitov, V.M. Pankratov (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 16.40-18.00
Session TP4/2. Chaotic dynamics-II
Co-chairs: T. Kapitaniak (Poland), A. Pogromsky (The Netherlands)

Impacting Oscillators - the Problem of Visualization of Basins of Attraction
T. Kapitaniak, K. Czolczynski (Poland)

Complex Dynamics of Double-Loop Tracking System
V.P. Ponomarenko (Russia)

Stochastic Dynamics of FitzHugh-Nagumo Model near the Canard Explosion
A. Shishkin, D. Postnov (Russia)

Baker Transformation as Autoregression System
A.F. Goloubentsev, V.M. Anikin, S.A. Noyanova, Y.A. Barulina (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 15.00-16.20
Session TP5/1. Turbulence and Control
Co-chairs: D.A. Indejtsev (Russia), P.S. Landa (Russia)

Ideal Turbulence: Definition and Models (Invited)
A. Sharkovsky, E. Romanenko, S. Berezovsky (Ukraine)

Control of Turbulence in Jets by Acoustic Means (Invited)
P.S. Landa, A.S. Ginevsky (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 16.40-18.00
Session TP5/2. Self-organization, Complexity and Control - I
Co-chairs: I.V. Izmailov (Russia), I. Kunin (USA)

Physics, Control, and Kolmogorov Complexity (Invited)
I. Kunin (USA)

Granular Matter: Transition To Equilibrium Under Gravity
N.B. Loguinova (Russia)

Property of Isodynamism as a Principle of Guaranteeing / Elimination of Given System Evolution
I.V. Izmailov, B.N. Poizner (Russia)

Thursday, August, 21, 15.00-16.20
Session TP6/1. Modeling and Identification
Co-chairs: H. Matsushita (Japan), O.A. Stepanov (Russia)

Adaptive Design for Estimation of Unknown Parameters in PDE
P.L. Chow, R.Z. Khasminskii, A. Ovseevich (Russia)

Nonlinear Mathematical Modeling of Aircraft Wing Flutter in Transonic Range
H. Matsushita, T. Miyata, M. Kawai (Japan), E. Mosekilde (Denmark)

Frequency Spectrum Control in a Dielectric Wakefield Accelerating Waveguide
A. Altmark, E. Sheinman (Russia), A. Kanareykin (USA)

Thursday, August, 21, 16.40-18.00
Session TP6/2. Adaptive and Intelligent Control
Co-chairs: Y.Y. Nazaruddin (Indonesia), A.V. Timofeev (Russia)

Adaptive Control of Vibration for Systems with Non-Stochastic Uncertainty Measure and Bounded Disturbances
N.M. Filatov (Russia)

Effective Neural Network Approach to Image Recognition and Control
G. Ososkov (Russia)

Inverse Learning Control Using Neuro-Fuzzy Approach for a Process Mini-Plant
Y.Y. Nazaruddin, J. Waluyo, S. Hadisupadmo (Indonesia)

Physical Diagnostics and Fault Relevant Feedback Control
A.V. Timofeev (Russia)

Friday, August, 22, 9.00-11.00
Session FA1. Synchronization
Co-chairs: G.A. Leonov (Russia), I. Tyukin (Japan)

Synchronization Domains in Arrays of Chaotic Homoclinic Systems (Invited)
F.T. Arecchi, E. Allaria (Italy), I. Leyva (Italy/Spain), S. Boccaletti (Italy)

Programmable Phase Locked Loops for Digital Signal Processors
G.A. Leonov, S.M. Seledzhi (Russia)

On the Choice of Coupling in a System of Coupled Maps: Structure Implies Features
I. Tyukin, C. van Leeuwen (Japan)

Synchronization of Chaotic Oscillators with Type-I Intermittency
M.V. Ivanchenko, G.V. Osipov, V.D. Shalfeev (Russia)

Friday, August, 22, 9.00-11.00
Session FA2. Quantum Information and Control
Co-chairs: F. Silva Leite (Portugal), D. Vitali (Italy)

Quantum Error Correction for Continuously Detected Errors
C. Ahn (USA), H.M. Wiseman, G.J. Milburn (Australia)

Quantum State Protection with Quantum Feedback Schemes
D. Vitali, S. Zippilli, P. Tombesi (Italy), J.-M. Raimond (France)

Laser Control of Quantum Dynamics
P.A. Golovinski, P.V. Ryasnoy, V.M. Nazarov (Russia)

On Preparation of the Atomic W-states
V.N. Gorbachev, A.A. Rodichkina, A.I. Trubilko, A.I. Zhiliba (Russia)

Spin Systems and Minimal Switching Decompositions
J. Clemente-Gallardo, F. Silva Leite (Portugal)

Quantum Processors and Controllers
A.Yu. Vlasov (Russia)

Friday, August, 22, 9.00-11.00
Session FA3. Optimal isolation of mechanical disturbances (Invited)
Organizers: N.N. Bolotnik (Russia), D.V. Balandin (Russia)
Co-chairs: D.V. Balandin (Russia), N.N. Bolotnik (Russia)

Control Science for Injury Prevention (Invited)
D.V. Balandin, N.N. Bolotnik (Russia), W.D. Pilkey (USA)

H-infinity Optimal Control of a Parametrically Disturbed Pendulum
D.V. Balandin, M.M. Kogan, A.A. Fedukov (Russia)

Optimal Protection of Two-Degree-of-Freedom System from Shock and Vibration
S.V. Purtsezov (Russia)

Time Substitution Method in a Shock Protection Problem for Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems
V.A. Proursin (Russia)

Maximum Robustness Control for Isolation of Mechanical Disturbances
V.V. Koulaguin (Russia)

Friday, August, 22, 9.00-11.00
Session FA4. Control of Distributed Systems - I
Co-chairs: V.A. Brusin (Russia), K. Lurie (USA)

Some New Advances in the Theory of Dynamic Materials (Invited)
K. Lurie, S. Weekes (USA)

Navier-Stokes Equation Controlled by Degenerate Forcing: Controllability of Finite-Dimensional Approxi-mations
A. Agrachev, A. Sarychev (Italy/Russia)

Design of Finite Controllers for a Class of Infinite Systems for the H-infinity Control Problem
V.A. Brusin, A.V. Bovyrin (Russia)

Friday, August, 22, 9.00-11.00
Session FA5. Self-organization, Complexity and Control - II
Co-chairs: V. Kazakov (Australia), F. Monroy Perez (Mexico)

Minimal Dissipation Processes and Estimates of Limiting Possibilities of Irreversible Thermodynamic Systems (Invited)
A.M. Tsirlin (Russia), V. Kazakov (Australia)

The Boolean Averaging Procedure, Common to Three Systems in Statistical Mechanics, Control and Signal Processing
M.M. Kipnis (Russia)

Control and Parameterization of Dynamical Nonlinear Processes During First-Order Phase Transition
L.A. Bityutskaya, E.S. Mashkina (Russia)

Sub-Riemannian Formulation for Non Interacting, Non Relativistic Particles in Homogeneous Magnetic Fields
F. Monroy Perez, A. Anzaldo-Meneses (Mexico)

Type Theory, Computer Algebra & Dynamical Systems
A.V. Flegontov (Russia), S.V. Soloviev (France)

Friday, August, 22, 9.00-11.00
Session FA6. Biomedical Applications
Co-chairs: D.E. Postnov (Russia), Yu.A. Pykh (Russia)

Energy Lyapunov Function for Generalized Replicator Equations
Yu.A. Pykh (Russia)

Nonlinear Switching Dynamics in Surface Electromyography of the Spine
P. Lohsoonthorn, E. Jonckheere (USA)

Bimodal Dynamics of Nephron Autoregulation
O.V. Sosnovtseva, A.N. Pavlov (Russia), E. Mosekilde, N.-H. Holstein-Rathlou (Denmark)

Complex Phase Dynamics in Coupled Bursters
D.E. Postnov, S.Y. Malova (Russia)

Chaotic Behavior by the Air Flow of the Breath of Human Being
G. Lukyanov, V. Usachev (Russia)

Friday, August, 22, 11.20-13.20
Session FM1. Control of Chaos - II
Co-chairs: O. Morgul (Turkey), E. Schoell (Germany)

Stability of Delayed Feedback Controllers for Discrete Time Systems
O. Morgul (Turkey)

Time delayed feedback control of chaos by spatio-temporal filtering
A. Amann, E. Schoell, N. Baba, W. Just (Germany)

Music and Control of Chaos in the Brain
V.E. Bondarenko (USA), I. Yevin (Russia)

Energy-Optimal Steering of Transitions through a Fractal Basin Boundary
A.N. Silchenko, S. Beri, D.G. Luchinsky, P.V.E. McClintock (UK)

Application of Idea of Chaos Control to Stabilization of Stationary Generation in Backward-Wave Oscillator
A.M. Dolov, S.P. Kuznetsov (Russia)

Robust Control of Time-Delay Chaotic Systems
C. Hua, X. Guan (China)

Friday, August, 22, 11.20-13.20
Session FM2. Control of Nanostructures
Co-chairs: Yu.A. Astrov (Russia), J.C. Claussen (Germany)

Semiconductor-Gas Discharge Electronic Devices: Stability, Patterns and Control (Invited)
Yu.A. Astrov (Russia)

Open-Loop-Control of Pore Formation in Semiconductor Etching
J.C. Claussen, J. Carstensen (Germany), M. Christophersen (Germany/USA), S. Langa, H. Foll (Germany)

Synchronization of Chaos and Small Signal Amplification in Electron-Hole Plasma of Germanium
K.M. Aliev, I.K. Kamilov, Kh.O. Ibragimov, N.S. Abakarova (Russia)

Coherent Atomic Beam Splitter Control for Nano-Scale Atom Wave Packet Lithography
S.V. Borisenok, Yu.V. Rozhdestvensky (Russia)

Application of Control Algorithm in a Sliding Mode in Specrtrum Measurement Systems and Growing of Crystals
A. Khachaturova (Armenia), V. Mkrttchian (Australia)

Friday, August, 22, 11.20-13.20
Session FM3. Control of mechanical systems
Co-chairs: I.M. Ananievski (Russia), S.D. Zemlyakov (Russia)

Constrained Variational Approach to Nonholonomic Control Systems
T. Kai, H. Kimura (Japan)

Decomposition of Lagrangian Systems on the Base of the Technical Controllability Concept
V.Yu. Rutkovsky, S.D. Zemlyakov (Russia)

Slow Locomotion of the Three-Link Systems along a Horizontal Plane
T.Yu. Figurina (Russia)

Continuous Feedback Control for Scleronomous Mechanical Systems
I.M. Ananievski (Russia)

Hybrid Control of a Cart-Pendulum System with Restrictions on the Travel
D. Gromov, J. Raisch (Germany)

Singular Functions of a Nonlinear Pendulum on Finite Time Intervals
X.Y. Petrova, L.A. Mironovsky (Russia)

Friday, August, 22, 11.20-13.20
Session FM4. Control of Distributed Systems - II
Co-chairs: A. Melikyan (Russia), A.L. Zuyev (Ukraine)

Feedback Control for a Heat Equation Under a White Noise Excitation
A.S. Bratus, A.P. Ivanova (Russia)

Control and Stabilization of a Rotating Planar Body With Flexible Attachments
A.L. Zuyev (Ukraine)

Treatment of the Interface between Fine Elastic Structures and Fluids
N.D. Botkin, K.-H. Hoffmann, V.N. Starovoitov, V.L. Turova (Germany)

Exact Controllability in Neutral Delay Equations
D.V. Yakubovich (Spain), S.M. Verduyn Lunel (The Netherlands)

Robust Fault-Tolerant Control for a Class of Nonlinear Singular Systems with Uncertainty
G. Hu, J. Ren, C. Liu (China)

Friday, August, 22, 11.20-13.20
Session FM5. Chemical Engineering Applications
Co-chairs: A. Medvedev (Sweden), V. Yurkevich (Canada)

Novel Electrochemical Ferroxalate Actinometer for Excilamp Intensity Measurement
E.A. Sosnin, V.N. Batalova, E.A. Zacharova, V.F. Tarasenko (Russia)

Adaptive Control of the Top Blown Oxygen Converter Process Considering Temperature and Unknown External Disturbances
B.M. Sokolov, A.I. Shepeljavyi (Russia), A. Medvedev (Sweden)

Discrete-Time Control System Design for a Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) System
N. Tudoroiu, V. Yurkevich, K. Khorasani (Canada)

Model Predictive Control Algorithm for Nonlinear Chemical Processes
A.A. Tiagounov, S. Weiland (The Netherlands)

Friday, August, 22, 11.20-13.20
Session FM6. Chaos and Rhythm: Production and Perception of Speech (Invited)
Organizer: O.P. Skljarov (Russia)
Co-chairs: O.P. Skljarov (Russia)

Logistic Mapping as the Means of the Description of the Speech Rhythm in the Vicinity of the Critical Point
O. Skljarov (Russia)

The Control of Dynamic Regimes of the Rhythm within Feigenbaum Scenario of Route to Chaos
O. Skljarov, T. Bortnik (Russia)

Robust Rhythm as a Consequence of the Universal Description of Complex System Dynamics in the Vicinity of Critical Point
O. Skljarov, T. Skljarova (Russia)

Calculation of Logistics Equation Parameter on Experimental Data with the Miss
D.I. Yakushev (Russia)

An Internet System of Partner-Learning Special Type
A.N. Poroshin (Russia)

Synergic Interaction of Components of Rarefied Comb Filtration of the Speech Signal
S.M. Petrov, A.V. Borshchev (Russia) Sites: Physcon home Album
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