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August 24-26, 2005, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
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Papers from invited sessions

Session 1. Plasma Modeling and Control in Tokamaks
Organizers: V.A.Belyakov, D.A.Ovsyannikov

V.A.Belyakov (Russia).
"Control of Plasma in Tokamaks"

V.I. Vasiliev, Yu.A. Kostsov, K.M. Lobanov, L.P. Makarova, A.B. Mineev, V.K. Gusev, R.G. Levin, N.V.Sakharov (Russia).
Plasma shape reconstruction in tokamak Globus-M experiments using magnetic sensors.

D.A. Ovsyannikov, A.D. Ovsyannikov, A.P. Zhabko, E.I. Veremey, B.A. Misenov (Russia).
Mathematical problems of plasma stabilization systems analysis and synthesis in modern tokamaks.

V.A. Belyakov, A.A. Kavin, D.A. Ovsyannikov, A.D. Ovsyannikov, A.P. Zhabko, E.I. Veremey, I.A. Makeev (Russia), M. Gryaznevich, G.J. McArdle (United Kingdom).
Some results of control laws analysis and synthesis for MAST plasma stabilization system.

D.A. Ovsyannikov, A.P. Zhabko, E.I. Veremey, G.M. Vorobyov, V.M. Zavadskij (Russia).
Program of scientific and educational investigations on the base of small spherical tokamak Gutta.

A.B.Mineev, M.Sugihara, K.M.Lobanov, L.P.Makarova, V.I.Vasiliev (Russia) "Study of Plasma Current Ramp-down and Runaway Generation under Massive Gas Injection into the Tokamak"

Session 2. Beam Control
Organizer: D.A.Ovsyannikov

E.D.Kotina (Russia)
"Beam Dynamics Optimization in Discrete Systems"

A.D.Ovsyannikov (Russia)
"On RFQ Structure Modeling and Design"

D.A.Ovsyannikov, A.D.Ovsyannikov, I.V.Antropov, V.A.Kozynchenko (Russia)
"BDO-RFQ Code and Optimization Models"

N.V.Egorov, E.M.Vinogradova (Russia)
"Electron Gun with Field Cathode Mathematical Model and Optimization"

E.Pikulin, V.Malyshev, S.Filaev, Yu.A.Svistunov (Russia)
"Modeling of Transitional Processes in APF Cavity"

S.N.Andrianov (Russia)
"Some Approaches to Long Time Beam Evolution"

Sessions 3. Multiparameter Stability and Control Problems in Physics: Singularities, Bifurcations, Non-Conservativeness
Organizers: Alexander P. Seyranian and Oleg N. Kirillov

Yuefang Wang, Xuetao Liu and Lihua Huang, (China)
Eigenvalue and Stability Analysis for Axially Moving Strings in Transverse Vibrations

Agafonov S.A., Georgievskii D.V. (Russia)
Instability of non-linear viscoelastic beam under tracking loading

Hiroshi Yabuno (Japan)
Control of the hunting motion of a railway vehicle wheelset

Vanko V.I. (Russia)
The aerodynamical Instability of circular Profiles Systems

Kirillov O.N. (Russia)
Sensitivity analysis of the roots of the characteristic polynomial and stability of non-conservative systems

A.O. Belyakov. (Russia)
Excitation of oscillations by a small limited control force

Session 4. Multiparameter Stability and Control Problems in Physics: Singularities, Bifurcations, Non-Conservativeness - II
Organizers: Alexander P. Seyranian and Oleg N. Kirillov

Alfonso Mondragon, (Mexico)
Unfolding a degeneracy point of unbound states: Crossings and anticrossings of energies and widths

M.Isabel Garcia-Planas (Spain)
Local analysis of the no-controllable set for one-input generalized linear systems

A.P. Seyranian (Russia) and C.Cattani (Italy)
On a parametric resonance problem

Temis Yu. M., Fedorov V.V. (Russia)
A numerical method for non-conservative stability problems

A.A. Mailybaev, O.N. Kirillov, and A.P. Seyranian (Russia)
Strong and weak coupling of eigenvalues of complex matrices

O.N. Kirillov, A.A. Mailybaev, and A.P. Seyranian (Russia)
On eigenvalue surfaces near a diabolic point

Session 5. Complex networks, analysis, synchronization and Control
Organizers: M. di Bernardo and G. Chen

Igor Belykh, Vladimir Belykh, (Russia) and Martin Hasler (Switzerland)
Synchronization in complex networks with blinking interactions

Jurgen Kurths (Germany)
Automatic control of phase synchronization in complex oscillator

Guanrong Chen and Zhengping Fan (Hong Kong, China)
On pinning control of scale-free networks

M. di Bernardo, F. Garofalo, S. Manfredi, F. Sorrentino (Italy)
Load Distribution in Small World Networks

Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns (Germany)
Chaotic and periodic spreading dynamics in discrete small-world networks Sites: Physcon home Album
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