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August 24-26, 2005, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
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Saint Petersburg - The Venice of the North
Conference venue - Imperial Anichkov Palace

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PhysCon 2005 Photogallery of 126 pictures has been posted.
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Dear Colleagues and Friends, The Second International Conference "Physics and Control" (PhysCon 2005) is now a part of history. It was a success with 190 registered participants. 46 participants came from outside of Russia, including 9 from Japan, 6 from Germany, 3 from China, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, 2 from France. 212 talks (6 plenary, 3 invited and 70 poster) of more than 250 submitted were included into the preliminary program. They represent 35 countries. 184 papers are included into the CD-ROM Proceedings and will be published in the IEEExplore Electronic Library. The Final Report and the Conference Photo Gallery will be posted soon. At the closing ceremony it was decided to organize the next "Physics and Control" Conference in 2007, probably in Potsdam, Germany.

A remarkable event took place immediately after the closing: it was the Foundation meeting of the International Physics And Control Society (IPACS). At the meeting the IPACS Regulations developed by the initiative group created at the closing of PhysCon 2003 were approved. More information will appear at the Physics and Control website very soon.

Many thanks to all the participants for their coming!
PhysCon 2005 Organizing Committee


Registration / opening information:
Registration desk will be open during the following hours:
- Monday, August 22, 16:00-18:00 - Anichkov Palace (Department of Science);
- Tuesday, August 23, 15:00-19:00 - Anichkov Palace (Main Building);
- August 24, 25, 26: 9:00-16:00 - Anichkov Palace (Main Building).
Survey bus tour: Aug. 23, 16:00-19:00. Starts from Anichkov Palace. Free for fully registered participants.
Welcome reception will take place in the Anichkov Palace on Tuesday, August 23 from 19:00-21:00. Free for fully registered participants.
Opening ceremony starts on Wednesday, August 24, 9:30.
Travel tips - see "Travel information" page (updated).


Important information for Physcon 2005 speakers:
Please be informed that all conference rooms will be equipped with overhead and multimedia projectors with software allowing demonstration of (A) PDF-files with embedded fonts or (B) PowerPoint presentations under Windows XP (MS Office 2003).
Speakers with presentations containing separate or embedded video files or presentations in other formats are recommended to use their own MS Windows notebooks with VGA ports.


The final program has been posted in PDF format (260 Kb).


The preliminary program is updated.


The PhysCon 2005 Preliminary program is posted.
It may be also downloaded as a PDF file (220 Kb).


Due to current changes in the Russian financial/accounting rules the visa application forms submitted between April, 26 and May, 25 will be proceeded with about one month delay. The organizers apologize for any inconveniences.


Instruction for Authors and new version of Registration/Hotel Reservation form, containing information for accompanying persons are posted. Deadline for submission of final version of papers for publication is extended till June 1, 2005.


Registration, Accomodation and Visa information have been posted. Acceptance letters have been sent to registrators of the papers. Instructions for authors will be posted in a few days.


Registration and hotel information, Visa information and Instructions for authors will be posted later. Acceptance letters will be sent to registrators of the papers.


Acceptance/rejection decision has been taken by the Physcon 2005 IPC based on reviewing results. 110 regular papers and 61 poster papers have been accepted from 195 submissions.

Lists of accepted papers:


Plasma Modeling and Control in Tokamaks
Organizers: V.A.Belyakov, D.A.Ovsyannikov

Beam Control.
Organizer: D.A.Ovsyannikov

Multiparameter Stability and Control Problems in Physics: Singularities, Bifurcations, Non-Conservativeness - I, II
Organizers: A. P. Seyranian and O. N. Kirillov

Complex networks, analysis, synchronization and Control
Organizers: M. di Bernardo and G. Chen


Guanrong CHEN (City Univ. of Hong Kong, China)
"Controlling bifurcations"

Felix L. CHERNOUSKO (Inst. for Problems in Mechanics, Moscow, Russia)
"Control of Multibody Systems in Resistive Media".

Oleg G.FILATOV (Efremov Inst. Electrophysical Apparatus, St.Petersburg, Russia) and Valentin P.SMIRNOV (Kurchatov Institute of Nuclear Neergy, Moscow, Russia)
"Status of ITER Project"

Katsuhisa FURUTA (Center of Human Adaptive Mechatronics, Tokyo Denki University, Japan)
"Control of Pendulum"

Hermann HAKEN (Center for Synergetics, Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany)
"Synergetics: some recent developments"

Michele PAVON (University of Padova)
"Controlling the relative entropy evolution for classical, thermodynamical and quantum systems"


Vadim S. ANISCHENKO (Saratov State Univ, Russia)
"Mixing and autocorrelation function decay in chaotic systems".

Mario di BERNARDO (University of Naples Federico II, Italy and University of Bristol, UK)
"Bifurcations and chaos in nonsmooth dynamical systems: analysis and control".

Lazar FRIEDLAND (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
"From the pendulum to Rydberg atoms and planetary dynamics: Autoresonant formation and control of coherent nonlinear states".

Andre PREUMONT (Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
"Some topics in active vibration control" Sites: Physcon home Album
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