3rd IFAC Workshop PSYCO'07
August, 29-31, 2007, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
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Submission site

Saint Petersburg - The Venice of the North
Conference venue - Imperial Anichkov Palace


Prof. A.Fradkov
The Institute for Problems of
Mechanical Engineering
61 Bolshoy ave. V.O.
199178, St.Petersburg,
Ph: +7(812)321-4766,
Fax: +7(812)321-4771
E-mail: psyco07@physcon.ru

Final paper submission

Information for Authors

The Workshop proceedings containing full texts of the accepted papers will be published on CD-ROM. Proceedings on CD-ROM and the Workshop program and abstracts volume will be distributed among the registered participants at the Registration desk. The papers that satisfy the requirements for IFAC meeting papers will be hosted on-line on the IFAC-PapersOnLine.net website within a month after the meeting.

Preparation of IFAC meeting papers

This information has been provided to assist authors submitting papers to IFAC meetings. Using this information you will be able to prepare your paper in the appropriate form for inclusion in the meeting proceedings and hosted on-line on the IFAC-PapersOnLine.net website.

The size of a paper should not exceed:
  • 6 two-column pages for oral and poster talks;
  • 8 pages for talks at invited sessions;
  • 12 pages for plenary and invited talks.
  • The material submitted for presentation at the Workshop must be original, not published or being considered elsewhere. The authors should complete and sign the IFAC Copyright form (it can be downloaded in PDF) and send its scanned copy by e-mail as an attachment.

    The IFAC Journals and IFAC affiliated journals have priority access to all contributions presented. However, if the author is not contacted by an editor of these journals, within three months after the meeting, he/she is free to submit an expanded version of the presented material for journal publication elsewhere. In this case, the paper must carry a reference to the Workshop where it was originally presented and, if the paper has appeared on the website www.IFAC-PapersOnLine.net, also a reference to this publication.

    The deadline for final paper submission is July 1, 2007.
    At least one of the authors should be registered at the Workshop no later than August 1, 2007, see Registration page.

    Submission of the final paper

    The paper should be uploaded to our site as a PDF file via personal Virtual Office at Submission Site: http://coms.physcon.ru. A hard copy is not needed. In the case of any problems with preparation of the manuscript please contact the Organizing Committee.

    The detailed instructions for preparing the final manuscript are available on the dedicated site, which provides the Author's kit information.
    The maximum upload size of the paper file is 2 Mb, and PDF is the only format supported by the upload function. Please check that your PDF has embedded fonts, to avoid portability problems.
    In order to know if your fonts are embedded or not, you must open the "Document Properties→Fonts" tag in Adobe Reader, or use an external program like pdffonts on *nix.
    If your pdf producer is Ghostscript (you can check this with the "Document Properties→Description" tag in Adobe Reader), you will find the needed switches on this page. Ghostcript may be hidden behind your PDF exporter, which may offer you a GUI to parameter embedding: check the documentation;
    If your producer is Acrobat Distiller, you must create a job option in which you transfer all the document fonts in the embed list. The .joboptions files for Acrobat Distiller may be downloaded here. Beware that early versions of Distiller may not allow embedding of all fonts;
    If your producer is pdflatex, see the testflow documentation (pp 20-21). This document is also useful for general screen or printer flow control, including Ghostcript switches;
    With other producers, check the application documentation.

    Papers should be prepared in double column format suitable for direct printing onto A4 paper (8.3in x 11.7in/210mm x 297mm) paper, justified if possible, using Times Roman 10pt typeface. Ensure that the typing area (centered) matches exactly that shown in the specimen pages. Do not number pages on the front, as page numbers will be added separately for the preprints and the Proceedings.

    Sample pages illustrating the application of the above instructions are available in Word and PDF formats. For authors working in LaTeX 2e, a class file is available. The class file takes care of the formatting details according to the above instructions, allowing authors to concentrate on the article's structure and content. To assist authors further in preparing their papers in the correct way, a checklist is available here. The checklist covers the most important aspects of the IFAC style and should be consulted carefully before the paper is submitted.

    Files to download:
    An archive (ZIP) that contains for IFAC Workshop papers templates and samples both for LaTeX-2e and MS Word users.
    For Adobe Acrobat Users
    An archive (ZIP) which contains job options files for Adobe Acrobat of versions 5, 6, and 7.

    Information for Speakers

    English will be the official language of the Workshops. No simultaneous translation will be provided. Overhead and multimedia projectors will be available in each room.

    Allotted time for oral presentations:
  • Plenary talk 45 minutes
  • Invited talk 40 minutes
  • Presentation at regular or invited session 20 minutes
  • Poster sessions will take place in foyer of the 1st floor (the 2nd level) of Anichkov Palace.
    Vertically oriented space 600mm by 840mm will be provided for each paper.

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