6th EUROMECH Conference ENOC 2008
June 30 — July 4, 2008, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
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Partner Event:
APM 2008, July 6—10, 2008, St.Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg — The Venice of the North

Past conference: ENOC-2005 Aug. 7—12, 2005


Prof. A.Fradkov
The Institute for Problems of
Mechanical Engineering

61 Bolshoy ave. V.O.
199178, St.Petersburg,
Ph: +7(812)321-4766,
Fax: +7(812)321-4771
E-mail: enoc08@physcon.ru

EUROMECH - European Mechanics Society

Sixth EUROMECH Nonlinear Dynamics Conference

June 30 — July 4, 2008, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA

Call for Papers

Sponsors include:

  • International Physics and Control Society (IPACS)
  • Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering of Russian Academy of Sciences
  • St. Petersburg State University


Although still the brand name ENOC (EUROMECH Nonlinear Oscillations Conference) is used as the historical abbreviation, the ENOC Conferences aim at covering the complete field of Nonlinear Dynamics, including Multibody Dynamics and couplings to related fields like Control and (Structural) Optimization.

During the past decades, the area of Nonlinear Dynamics has been evolved in a revolutionary way, in particular in conjunction to applications in nonlinear engineering systems. The application of Nonlinear Dynamics to a wide variety of engineering systems has been possible due to the use of sophisticated computational techniques employing powerful concepts of Nonlinear Dynamics. These concepts have been and are being developed in Control, Mathematics, Mechanics and Physics. Careful experimental studies are vitally needed to observe and establish the real dynamical phenomena.

The ENOC 2008 Conference is aimed at bringing together a wide variety of specialists in the above fields with the purpose to show the latest developments in the respective fields, to exchange experience and to stimulate further interaction.

The topics for the Conference ENOC 2008 include but are not limited to:

  • Nonlinear dynamics of continuous, discontinuous and hybrid systems.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of nonlinear dynamic systems.
  • Analysis of bifurcations and chaos.
  • Numerical and geometrical methods in nonlinear dynamics.
  • Phenomena and criteria of chaotic oscillations.
  • Computer aided symbolic methods in dynamics.
  • Control of oscillations and chaos.
  • Experimental methods in nonlinear dynamics.
  • Applications in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, biology, chemistry and other sciences.

Contributions may be assigned either to Lecture Sessions or to Poster Discussion Sessions.
Proposals on organizing invited sessions and panel discussions on “hot topics” are welcome.


Full text draft papers (4–6 two-column pages) should be submitted by November 15, 2007 to the Organizing Committee. All contri­butions will be subject to reviewing.. No more than two papers for each presenting author will be accepted.

The title should be followed by the authors' names, affiliations, addresses (including FAX and E-mail address) and abstracts (60–100 words). Electronic submission in PDF or PS format is preferable. The site for electronic submission will be launched in September, 2007. Accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings, which will appear on CD-ROM and will be available for conference participants on the website after the meeting.


Saint Petersburg is located in the mouth of Neva river near the Finnish Gulf of the Baltic Sea. There are daily flights of major international carriers to the International airport "Pulkovo" of St. Petersburg. It also can be reached from Helsinki, Finland by plane (0.5 hours) or by train (4 hours).


Saint Petersburg (the former capital of Russia) with about 5 millions inhabitants is often called “The Venice of the North” and recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Various guided tours over St. Petersburg and sub­urbs including visits to Tsars’ palaces and museums will be organized during both the Conference days and the weekends.


Prof. Alexander Fradkov
The Institute for Problems of Mechanical Engineering
61 Bolshoy ave. V.O., 199178, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
Phone: +7 (812) 321-4766, Fax: +7 (812) 321-4771
Email: enoc08@physcon.ru; http://conf.physcon.ru/enoc08/


  • Reduced-Order Modeling
    Chairs/Organizers: H.Troger (Austria), A.Vakakis (Greece)
  • Dynamics and Optimization of Multibody Systems
    Chairs/Organizers: F.Chernousko (Russia), P.Eberhard (Germany), D.Bestle (Germany)
  • Micro- and Nano- Electro-Mechanical Systems
    Chairs/Organizers: O.Gottlieb (Israel), S.Shaw (USA)
  • Nonlinear Stochastic Systems
    Chairs/Organizers: S.Namachchivaya (USA), A.Naess (Norway), D.Iourchenko (Russia)
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Characterization of Distributed-Parameter Systems
    Chairs/Organizers: S.Natsiavas (Greece), F.Vestroni (Italy), B. Balachandran (USA)
  • Resonant problems in slow-fast systems
    Chairs/Organizers: F.Verhulst (Netherlands), A.Neishtadt (Russia)
  • Fractional Derivatives and Their Applications
    Chairs/Organizers: T.Machado (Portugal), O.P.Agrawal (USA), A.K.Belyaev (Russia)
  • Asymptotic Methods
    Chairs/Organizers: J.Awrejcewicz (Poland), I.Andrianov (Germany), L.I.Manevitch (Russia)
  • Experimental Methods
    Chairs/Organizers: W.Lacarbonara (Italy), N. van de Wouw (Netherlands), H.Yabuno (Japan)
  • Nonlinear Vibrations and Applications
    Chairs/Organizers: I.I.Blekhman (Russia), J.J.Thomsen (Denmark)
  • Fundamental and Computational Aspects of Non-Smooth Systems
    Chairs/Organizers: C.Lamarque (France), R.Leine (Switzerland)
  • Engineering Applications
    Chairs/Organizers: A.Fidlin (Germany), M.Wiercigroch (UK)
  • Hybrid Mechanical Systems
    Chairs/Organizers: G.Leonov (Russia), H.Nijmeijer (The Netherlands)
  • Nonlinear Dynamics of Structures and Machines
    Chairs/Organizers: M.P.Cartmell (UK), Yu.V.Mikhlin (Ukraine), K.V.Avramov (Ukraine)
  • Control of Chaos
    Chairs/Organizers: H.G.Schuster (Germany) E.Schöll (Germany)


English will be the official language of the Conference. No simultaneous translation will be provided.


Conference proceedings on CD-ROM will be distributed to the registered participants.


Prof. Dr. A.L. Fradkov, IPME RAS (Chair)
Prof. Dr. D.A. Indejtsev, IPME RAS (Co-Chair)
Prof. Dr. G.A. Leonov, St.Petersburg State University (Co-Chair)
Prof. Dr. D. van Campen, Eindhoven University of Technology (Co-Chair)
Prof. Dr. B.R.Andrievsky, IPME RAS
Prof. Dr. A.K.Belyaev, St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Prof. Dr. I.I.Blekhman, IPME RAS
Prof. Dr. A.N. Churilov, St.Petersburg State Marine Tech­ni­cal University
Prof. Dr. A.M. Krivtsov, St.Petersburg State Polytechni­cal University
Prof. Dr. B.V. Trifonenko, St.Petersburg State University
Dr. N.V. Kuznetsov, St.Petersburg State University


Deadline for submission: November 15, 2007.
Notification of acceptance/rejection: February March 15, 2008.
Camera ready (final) paper submission: April 15 May 1, 2008.
Conference: June 30 — July 4, 2008.

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