6th EUROMECH Conference ENOC 2008
June 30 — July 4, 2008, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
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Partner Event:
APM 2008, July 6—10, 2008, St.Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg — The Venice of the North

Past conference: ENOC-2005 Aug. 7—12, 2005


Prof. A.Fradkov
The Institute for Problems of
Mechanical Engineering

61 Bolshoy ave. V.O.
199178, St.Petersburg,
Ph: +7(812)321-4766,
Fax: +7(812)321-4771
E-mail: enoc08@physcon.ru

Steering committee

  • Prof. Dr. A.L. Fradkov, IPME RAS (Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. D.A. Indejtsev, IPME RAS (Co-Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. G.A. Leonov, St.Petersburg State University (Co-Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. D. van Campen, Technical University of Eindhoven (Co-Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. B.R.Andrievsky, IPME RAS
  • Prof. Dr. A.K.Belyaev, St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University
  • Prof. Dr. I.I.Blekhman, IPME RAS
  • Prof. Dr. A.N. Churilov, St.Petersburg State Marine Technical University
  • Prof. Dr. A.M. Krivtsov, St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University
  • Prof. Dr. B.V. Trifonenko, St.Petersburg State University
  • Dr. N.V. Kuznetsov, St.Petersburg State University

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