3rd IFAC Workshop PSYCO'07
August, 29-31, 2007, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
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Saint Petersburg - The Venice of the North
Conference venue - Imperial Anichkov Palace


Prof. A.Fradkov
The Institute for Problems of
Mechanical Engineering
61 Bolshoy ave. V.O.
199178, St.Petersburg,
Ph: +7(812)321-4766,
Fax: +7(812)321-4771
E-mail: psyco07@physcon.ru



ALCOSP 2007 and PSYCO 2007 report is published in the IFAC Newsletter of February, 2008 (PDF, 640Kb).

Some pictures taken at ALCOSP 2007 and PSYCO 2007 can be seen in the Album.


Two IFAC events organized in Saint Petersburg in Anichkov Palace: ALCOSP 2007 and PSYCO 2007 are now part of history. Both events were a success with 125 registered participants from 22 countries, including 40 from Russia, 22 from Japan, 12 from France, 9 from Chech Republic, 8 from USA. The technical program included 136 regular talks (90 in ALCOSP'07 and 46 in PSYCO'07), 10 plenary talks and 22 posters. Details, including technical program see at the websites of ALCOSP'07 http://conf.physcon.ru/alcosp07/ and PSYCO 2007: http://conf.physcon.ru/psyco07/.

Among highlights of technical program there were plenary talks of top experts in the area of systems and control: B.D.O. Anderson (Australia), F.L.Chernousko (Russia), M.Krstic (USA), A.Shiriaev (Sweden, Norway), V.A.Bondarko and V.A.Yakubovich (Russia), M.Tomizuka (USA), A.Astolfi (UK), I.I.Blekhman (Russia), A.B.Kurzhanski (Russia), P.R.Kumar (USA).

There were four invited sessions at ALCOSP'07:

  • Modelling technique for adaptive control design (Organizer S. Masuda, Japan);
  • Passification-based Adaptive and Robust Control (Organizers D. Peaucelle (France), A. L. Fradkov (Russia);
  • Simple Adaptive Control (Organizers I. Barkana (USA), A. L. Fradkov (Russia);
  • Neural Networks (Organizer O. A. Stepanov, Russia)
and two invited sessions at PSYCO'07:
  • Discrete and Hybrid Control systems (Organizers G. Leonov (Russia), H. Nijmeijer (The Netherlands);
  • Computational methods and Software Tools for periodic systems (Organizer A. Varga, Germany)

An interesting panel discussion devoted to strengthening links with industry was organized before the closing ceremony. Invited panelists were chosen among participants of the Workshops affiliated with industrial companies:
Dr. Itzhak Barkana (Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc., USA), Dr.Yevgeny Somov (State Research & Production Rocket-Space Center TsSKB-Progress, FKA, Russia), Dr. Oleg Stepanov (CS&RI Elektropribor, Russia). The discussion was moderated by Dr. Martin Gitsels, the Head of "Corporate Technologies" Department at Siemens, Russia. Opening discussion, Dr. Gitsels said that in order to gain interaction of theorists and industry people it is important to bear in mind that industry is interested in solution of concrete practical problems rather than in general theory. Success of cooperation depends essentially on mutual understanding of partners. Panelists agreed that further development of general theoretic approaches is out of interest for industry. They also pointed out that there is strong demand for good textbooks for engineers, written in simple and clear language; and that the universities should produce specialists with a broad view and unprejudiced attitude to practical problems. Participants commented on importance of steps made by the industry to the universities to meet their needs. An interesting comment was made by Prof. K. Furuta (Japan) who said that young people get interested in practical problems when they can see some challenge of even crisis coming from industry - some problems cannot be solved by existing approaches. If no such challenges are observed, we need to create them in order to maintain mutual interest of industry and universities.

After the Workshops the Organizers got more than 40 letters of gratitude from participants. The Organizers are grateful as well to all attendees for their coming.

See you again in St.Petersburg!


PSYCO'07 Updated technical program (PDF, 58Kb) and conference schedule (PDF, 22Kb) are posted.

Registration / opening information (UPDATED):
Registration desk will be open during the following hours:
- Tuesday, August 28, 15:00-19:00 - Anichkov Palace;
- August 29, 30, 31: 9:00-16:00 - Anichkov Palace (Main Building).
Survey bus tour: Aug. 29, 18:00-21:00. Start from Anichkov Palace.
Welcome reception will take place in the Anichkov Palace on Tuesday, August 28 from 19:00-21:00.
Opening ceremony starts on Wednesday, August 29, 9:30.
How to get to the conference venue - see "Travel information".


PSYCO'07 Preliminary Program is posted (PDF, 52Kb).
Plenary and invited sessions see here.


Registration, Hotel reservation, Visa information aand Final submission instructions have been posted.
Registration and payment should be performed online at the Monomax (Workshop service agent) website, see Registration page


Acceptance/rejection letters for PSYCO 2007 are sent. The reviewing results, including reviewers' comments, if there were any, are available in the Virtual Office of the paper registrator at http://coms.physcon.ru/. Registration, Hotel reservation and Visa information as well as the the author's guidelines will be available on the PSYCO'07 website http://conf.physcon.ru/psyco07/ in 1-2 days.

All further information concerning preliminary program, transportation, social program, weather, currency, etc. will be posted on the PSYCO'07 website: http://conf.physcon.ru/psyco07/.

All presenters must register for the Workshop and pay the registration fees.
Failure to do this before August 1, 2007 may result in withdrawing a paper from the Workshop program. Only the papers presented at the Workshop will be published in the new IFAC-PapersOnLine Open Access Archive, see http://conf.physcon.ru/psyco07/ifacpolicy.html

Thanks to all the submitters for their interest in PSYCO'07.
We look forward to meeting you in St.Petersburg in August, 2007.



The date of acceptance/rejection notification is postponed for several reasons. Notification letters will be sent not later than April 25.

Reviewing results and reviewers' comments, if any, will be seen in the authors' virtual offices by April 25. Authors please check your virtual offices since some e-mails can be lost due to antispam measures taken worldwide. Note that some authors are registered several times and may have different PINs for different papers. PINs can be found by surname at the "Find User" page: http://coms.physcon.ru/pin/.

Information about new IFAC publication policy is posted


Submission to PSYCO '07 is completed successfully.
More than 60 papers from 15 countries and 2 invited session proposals have been submitted. Papers and invited session proposals are sent for reviewing.


Invitation to cosponsorship is posted


Submission site will be open till February 5


Preliminary Hotel and Visa information is posted


Paper submission deadline is extended till February 1

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